Artificial Contender™ For End-users  

Artificial Contender™ provides end-users with a set of new exciting features:

End-users can enjoy opponents who have been trained rather than programmed. They can also enjoy playing against characters that have been trained by real-life celebrities or famous gamers. Additionally, playing alongside user-trained allies permits a greater sense of control and realism. End-users are able to train game characters to behave in desired ways: this brings traditional bot development to a new level allowing all users to participate. With AC, bot development simply involves playing the game – a game that features AC allows all users to create bots easily – no programming ability is required.

Convincing opponents.
AC agents are trained by human players and their behavior always seems more human. They can even imitate human errors and idiosyncrasies. AC's ability to imitate humans has been repeatedly tested: it is usually impossible to tell the difference between an AC agent and a human player. Playing against opponents who use "your" style, "your friend’s" style or any other "human player" style and tactics is a unique challenge that is much more fun than playing traditional AI.

AC allows many agents with different behaviors. In sports games a different style of play for each team becomes possible, as does a recognizable style of play for big name teams and star players. Likewise, in strategic games individual AI generals can have different human trained styles. AC offers more variety of style for AI agents in any game genre. This also offers the end-user more varied opponents without the need to wait for an opponent of the desired skill-level online.

New game modes.
End-users will get new game modes – for example the chance to play as a teacher or a coach – training allies for themselves and training AC bots to compete with other AC bots or human players.

Dynamic gameplay.
Because AC agents can adapt to individual human styles, end-users will find that opponents and allies learn and improve during play. This makes gameplay more challenging, exciting and realistic.

An end to cheating.
With AC built into a game, end-users can no longer win by finding weaknesses and workarounds in the AI. Discovering that you can win by "cheating" the AI is frustrating: by eliminating this AC provides a guaranteed level of enjoyment.

Artificial Contender™ technology offers end-users more varied gameplay, greater challenge and an increased level of control. The sensation of playing "human" characters makes games more exciting and fun than ever.