Artificial Contender™ Overview  

Artificial Contender™ (AC) is an AI technology, AI middleware and set of tools that introduces a new type of AI agent to games – learning, adaptable AC agents capable of behavior-capture. AC agents learn the playing styles of humans and adapt to achieve set goals if required. AC is not a "black-box". As the technology deploys instance-based reasoning (reasoning by example) principles, all decisions made by AC agents are transparent and easily explainable even to non-programmers. Artificial Contender's learning and decision making takes place in real time and – crucially – is economical with system resources.

AC was developed with a profound understanding of the workflows inherent in game development. AC makes the development process easier, allowing game developers to 'train' game characters by actually playing the game instead of routinely programming the AI. Also important is the fact that AC can both replace existing AI solutions, or be an innovative addition to any game's AI engine, dramatically improving the gameplay experience with a strong set of features. Game developers can choose to introduce AC gradually or to completely rely on AC in their games.

Deploying AC saves money and designers' and programmers' time and creates agents with more realistically human behaviors than those allowed by traditional AI. AC agents can learn from end users – not only to imitate human players but to interact with them more creatively.

Artificial Contender™ includes AC SDK and AC tools streamlining the development of AC agents. The strength of the AC SDK has been proven in production by SONY Computer Entertainment – AC is currently used by SONY for their This Is Football / World Tour Soccer game series.

AC agent learning and acting:

Artificial Contender™ technology has been evolving for 8 years from a very simple internal tennis demo, through several fighting-game demo tests to a complex technology implementation for a large commercial PlayStation 2 soccer game. Currently AC is ready to be used in an extensive range of game applications.

Artificial Contender™ makes games more realistic, immersive and playable with convincingly "human" AI opponents and allies.